The MRFOOD conferences are organized since 1992 on a biannual basis. The conference series was initiated by Peter Belton and Graham Webb, who have been involved in organisation since then, joined by local organizers. In the first decades of the conference series its proceedings were traditionally published in hardcover book format. These books gained popularity amongst students and newcomers in the field as they provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in magnetic resonance applications in food science and technology. In recent years the proceedings were published online and as a special journal issue. 

The conference became a subdivision of the Groupement AMPERE in 2012, in order to create a solid basis for future school organizations and to ensure sound governance of scientific quality and resources. After a service of nearly 25 years in the organisation of MRFOOD conferences the founding fathers, Prof. Dr. Peter Belton and Prof. Dr. Graham Webb, retired from the board in 2016 and were appointed as honourable board members.

The founding fathers, Peter Belton (l) and Graham Webb (r) at MRFOOD2012 in Wageningen, The Netherlands